Aluminum alloy profile is one of the basic raw materials for the development of mechanical manufacturing industry. Aluminum alloy profile itself has good weldability, high hardenability, easy cutting, solderability, high corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, wear resistance, high strength and high toughness and superior decoration, which are required by the machinery manufacturing industry. The continuous progress of aluminum processing technology and the continuous improvement of processing technology promote each other with the development of mechanical manufacturing industry.

The aluminum extrusion profiles provided by Xiangxin have high precision, smooth surface and stable performance, which are widely used in key parts such as mechanical gears, pulleys, worktables, conveying guides, etc.

Xiangxin aluminum forging products have high performance, good surface quality, uniform and dense structure, stable hardenability and other characteristics. The product process technology and physical quality have reached the international advanced level. Products are widely used in the production of large semiconductor, communication base station, compressor, blower, generator and other equipment.